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What type diamonds you sell?
We are now selling 50 points to 5 carat (ct) Diamond, over 0.5 ct will come with GIA International identification certificate. 


What benefit to buy with Yoshimoto Jewelry (HK) Ltd.?
Less Expensive 
Price for diamond like gold, is internationally harmonized standards recommended retail price , so the company can contact the upstream prices more reasonable.  
Professional services 

We have professional equipment, instruments, and professional customer service, non-ordinary retail stores specializing in the sale of different touch.


Tailor made service
To meet all our clients needs, each piece of diamond jewelry is accompanied by attractive packaging. Including made to order for your packaging, jewelry boxes, professional diamond polishing cloth, and international identification certificate.


Personalized designs
More than 5000 items online, it make all jewelry more distinctive.


Strict production process
All products are made in Hong Kong local manufacture and embedded or imported from europe directly.



How do I ensure I buy a real diamond?

We are a credible diamond wholesalers in the wholesale markets has established a reputation and credibility. For every transaction and every piece of goods, customers can get the 100% quality assurance, we offer: 


An official invoice 
Day diamond limited is a company registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance, every single transaction, we will issue an official receipt, setting out the product data, and ensure that our transaction is subject to legal protection.
Reliable supply 
All of our diamonds are coming from reliable sources, their credibility of excellence, good quality, trustworthy.
Concerned with GIA Certification of diamonds :
Accompanied by a GIA The diamond certificate, General waist (Girdle) Are engraved with laser tag (Laser Inscription) Proved that diamond certificate number is consistent with diamonds, we offer laser tag specifically for guests to check out diamond and its certificate is matched. International certificate number is a unique, guests can go to the GIA website verification*
*GIA Official verified page ( )

Diamond measuring pen 
We have provided PRESIDIUM Multipurpose drill measuring pen (The PRESIDIUM for the world's most famous gem equipment manufacturer ) , Using the principles of thermal and electrical conductivity to collection of data, you can accurately distinguish between Diamond, Glass and Moissanite.

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